foreign policies of JFK

Foreign policies of JFK            Bay of Pigs April 17 1961

This event was set in 1959, when the U.S. attempted to aid Cuba
after their country fell to communism. United states provided training,
  equipment and logistical support to recapture their country. The 1961 invasion
  failed miserably. As a result, Cuba turned on Soviet Union. The Soviet Union
  were more than happy to provide their help to Cuba. Khrushchev was looking for
  allies in Latin America to build a Soviet missile base while the U.S. has
  missiles based in Europe targeting the Soviet Union.

                                     Cuban Missile Crisis Oct 1962

This particular crisis was Kennedy's chance to show everyone who
he was and what he was all about. On October 16th, 1962, that the U.S. found out
that the Soviets were building missile sites in Cuba. The U.S. air force wanted
to bomb the sites. Kennedy was afraid that these actions would cause a war. He
set up a blockade in Cuba. At the last moment, the Soviet Union backed off and
recalled their ships. They agreed to remove missiles and bases from

                         Building of the Berlin Wall  1961 to 1989

After WW2, the German capital of Berlin was divided into four
zones. In 1950, three Western allies had created West Berlin, while the Soviet
  Union had created East Berlin. Due to this, East Germans were dissatisfied with
  their communist government. In August of 1961, the Soviet Union and Communist
  East German Government built a wall to block off East Berlin so Communism
  wouldn’t spread. At the time, Kennedy believed that he could establish
  relations with the Soviet Union and didn’t want to alter his foreign policy
  over Berlin. Kennedy’s view changed shortly after the Cuban Missile crisis.
  After that, Kennedy adopted a policy of containment toward the Soviet Union. He
  wanted to stop Communism. He spoke the unforgettable sentence, “All free men,
  where ever they may live, are citizens of Berlin, and, therefore, as a free
  man, I take pride in the words: ich bin ein Berliner(I am a citizen of

                                     Peacecorps March 21 1961 to present 

Kennedy believed in more than just helping people. He wanted to
spread Democracy. Kennedy created the Peacecore in 1961. He sent volunteers to
the third world countries. These volunteers helped build roads, hospitals, and
houses all over the world. It was one of the first acts he made as a President.
This act helped develop nations. By March, 1963, it grew to over 5,000 members
and 10,000 the following year. So far, it has served 139 countries all over the